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Junaid Jamshed A Tribute
  • For the first time ever, a complete compilation of Marhoom Junaid Jamshed’s CD collection

  • 10 Audio CD’s of all his naats and nazms - many never before released on CD.

  • 1 MP3 - “From Darkness To Light” - the story of his life

  • 1 DVD - A Tribute to Junaid Jamshed by his South African promoter - Spiritual Chords

  • An ideal gift for Ramadaan and Eid

  • Proceeds from the sale of this album go to the Junaid Jamshed Islamic Girls School in Lahore for underpriviledged and orphan children

  • Jalwa-e-Janan (The Sight of the Beloved)
  • Mehboob-e-Yazdan (The Beloved Of God)
  • Badr-ud-Duja (The Night's Full Moon)
  • Yaad-e-Haram (Memories Of The Haramain)
  • Rehmatul-Lil-Aalamin (Mercy To The Universe)
  • Badi uz Zaman (The Wonder Of The Age)
  • Hadi Ul Anaam (The Guide To The World)
  • Rabi Zidni Ilma (O' Lord! Please Increase My Knowledge!)
  • Noor Ul Huda (The Light Of Guidance)
  • Saqi-E-Kausar

  • From Darkness To Light - Life and Times of Junaid Jamshed

  • A Spiritual Chords Tribute

Product Code: JAM100
Media: CD MP3 DVD
No: 10 CD, 1 MP3, 1DVD Discs

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