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Lectures Of Mirza Yawar Baig - DVD

Lectures Of Mirza Yawar Baig

Disc 1

Disease Of The Heart

Disc 2

Rights And Responsibilities Of Parents

Raising A Muslim Child

Disc 3

Glory Of Allah

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Disc 4

What’s In It  For Me?

The Power Of Identity, Who Are You?

Disc 5

Two Tomorrows


Disc 6


Ummah Asabiyat Wa Was'atul Qalbi

Disc 7

How Real Is Jannah?

Pitfalls Of Modern Dawah

Disc 8

Salaah - The Complete Tarbiyah Wa Tazkiyah

Salaah Is Not A Responsibility, It's A Reward

Rights Of The Kalimah

Disc 9

Qualities of the Believers

Get Connected To Your Rabb

Purpose of Education

Life Is About Making Choices

Disc 10

Go Out And Change The World
-5 Rules Of Entrepreneurship
-Careers In Global Corporations
-Elevator Speech
-Power Of One
-Time Management

“Mirza Yawar Baig” - I am not a ‘great scholar’ as some people like to call me. I am not even a small scholar. I am not a scholar at all. I am an ordinary man, trying to make sense of the life and times that I am living in and sharing what I learn with anyone who is interested. Islam is an inspiration for me. I am a Muslim by choice. A choice made after careful consideration and many years of questioning and study. A choice made completely and totally and which I ask Allah to keep me steadfast on all my life. My study of Islam started with reading the translation and Tafseer of the last Juz of the Qur’an, by Sayyid Qutub, In the Shade of the Qur’an and the Seerah of Rasoolullah (SAS) called the Life of Muhammad (SAS) from the Earliest Sources, by Martin Lings. These two books opened the doors for me and I ask Allah to bless the authors. I studied then under Shaikh Wissam Abdel Baki and have continued on a journey that has no end as long as I live. The journey is the destination. A journey of self-discovery.

Product Code: YAW100
Media: DVD Set
No: 10 Discs

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