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Lectures of Sheikh Sulaiman Moola (MP3)
01. Life, Death, Paradise and Hell
02. Rich Lessons From The Life Of Abu Bakr (R.A.)
03. Stop The Blame Game
04. The Second Jahiliyyah (Ignorance)
05. Rivalry For Leadership

Sheikh Sulaiman Moola completed his Hifzul Qur’aan at the age of 14 years in the year 1989. Thereafter he continued his studies for seven years in the field of Tafseer, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Aqaid and the Arabic language. He is presently a lecturer and Ustaadh in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has travelled to various parts of the world, which include neighbouring states to South Africa, Central Africa, Middle East, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Australia, Canada, West Indies and the USA. Sheikh Sulaiman Moola researches his topics extensively before delivering his lectures. He is one of the leading and highly respected aalim in South Africa.

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