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Al-Ustaadh GOLD Edition
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The Most Comprehensive Qur’aan and madaaris tutor just got better.

· New enhanced, friendlier, easier to use, interface.
· 16 complete recitations of the Qur’aan.
· New “font” script of the Qur’aan
· Videos on pronunciation
· Compatible with Windows 7/8
· Videos to perform wudhu and salaah
· Fully interactive colouring book
· Salat Alan Nabi (40 Durood)
· Copy and paste to MS Word
· and much, much more


Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition


· Easy to use
· Designed using a tried and test madressa syllabus.
· Easy point and click interface.
· Powerful, user friendly, easy to use interface
· You don’t need a degree to use this program.
· Designed with the non-technical computer user in mind.




Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition Menu


Learn To Read Qur’aan

Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition - Learn To Read Qur'aan

· Unique PHONETIC method of learning to recite the Qur’an
· Used by madaaris throughout the world including the United Kingdom, Australia and Southern Africa
· Used by the largest madaaris organisation as well as most Islamic schools in South Africa.
· The method of tuition was developed by a graduate of world renowned Al-Azhar University in Cairo and is in use for over 30 years
· Proven to teach the recital of Qur’aan faster than traditional methods.
· With sound
· Shapes of letters
· Pronunciation videos

Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition Pronunciation Videos

Al Qur’aan

Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition - Qur'aan Text View

· 16 complete recitations:

o Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary
o Ali Al-Hudaifi
o Abdullah Basfar
o Ibrahim Al-Akhdar
o Mohammed Ayoub
o Mishary bin Rashid Al-Afasy
o Muhammed Jebril
o Ahmed Al-Ajmy
o Saad Al-Ghamdi
o Mohammed Siddiq Al-Minshawi
o Abdulbasit Abdussamad (Mujawwad recital)
o Maher Al Muaiqly
o Hani Ar-Refai
o Abu Bakr Shatri
o Saud Al-Shuraim
o Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais

· 12 English translations of the Qur’aan including:

o Yusuf Ali
o Marmaduke Pickthall
o Muhsin Khan and Hilali
o Adbul Majid Daryabadi
o Taqi Usmani
o Saheeh International
o And others

· Other languages include

o Malay
o Indonesian
o French
o Spanish
o Dutch
o German
o Urdu - Ahmed Ali
o Urdu - Jalandari

· Two "text" scripts of the Qur’aan:

o Uthmani (used in the Arab world)
o Nastaleeq (used in the IndoPak and Southern Africa)

· Two "image" scripts

o Uthmani and Nastaleeq
o approved by the Holy Qur’aan printing press in Madinah.

Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition Uthmani Image

Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition Nasaleeq Image

· Verse by Verse view
· Page view
· Surah view
· Search facilities

Selected Surahs

Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition Selected Surahs


· Complete Juz Amma with colour coded tajweed script.
· Listen to any verse in any one of 16 recitals.
· Includes two special Muallim (Learning) recitals by Sheikh Husri and Sheikh Basfar
· Simple, point and click to learn

Adiyaah (Duaas)

Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition - Adiyaah

· Kalimas
· Over 140 duaas including the sleeping and waking duaas, eating duaas, fasting, model duaas, etc
· Recital of Arabic in two voices
· Recital of English in two voices
· Simple, point and click to learn
· View by subject or grade level

Adhaan, Wudhu, Salaah

Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition - Video How To Perform Salaah

· According to Imam Abu Hanifa (RA) and Imam Shaafi’e(RA)
· Fiqh on Wudhu
· Method of Performing Wudhu
· Du’aas

· Method of Salaah
· Table of Salaah (Rakaah chart)
· What to read in salaah
· Sequence
· Some special salaah
· Over 70 minutes video

· Adhaans from the holy harams and other parts of the world

Salat Alan Nabi (Durood)

Rules of Tajweed

Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition Tajweed

Islamic Clipart / Pictures

Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition Pictures


· Over 130 images
· Can be used as Windows Wallpaper

Colouring Book

Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition - Interactive Colouring Book

· Colour and learn Asma Ul Husna
· Fully interactive

Asma-ul-Husna - The Attributes of Allah

· With sound for each attribute
· Various recitals of the Asma-ul-Husna


100 Ahadith


· Various anasheed and duaa
· Various recitals from Al-Qur’aan
· Juz Amma Learning Recital with Sheikh Mishawi
· Videos


Islamic Months and Days of the Week


A Child’s Introduction to Islam

Al-Ustaadh Gold Edition Child's Introduction To Islam


· Includes lessons, questions and answers
· Lessons based on different levels
· Includes level 1, 2, 3 and 4

Seeratun Nabi

· Includes lessons and questions
· Lessons based on different levels - includes level 1, 2, 3 and 4


· Biographies of Some Sahabah
· Anecdotes (stories) on the Sahabah


· Abu Bakr (RA)
· Umar (RA)
· Uthman (RA)
· Ali (RA)

Beautify Your Character

· Beautify your character
· Some anecdotes on beautifying your character


· Cleanliness
· Istinjaa
· Tayammum
· Ghusl
· Marriage
· Qurbani
· Death and Burial
· Other Fiqh
· Zakaah
· Fasting
· Hajj


· Every Muslim Home
· Children
· Teachers
· Students
· Ulama
· Imaams
· Hufaaz
· Madrassa's
· Islamic Organisations


· An aid for madressah studies
· A gift of knowledge
· Graduation gifts
· Jalsa prizes
· Investment in a child's future
· An educational alternative to games
· Ideal for “new” Muslims


· OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows XP (SP3) / Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit)
· Processor: Dual Core, I3 or higher
· Drive: DVD-ROM Drive and Hard Disk (at least 1GB free)
· Memory: Minimum 1GB (Preferably 2GB or more)
· Other: Mouse, Sound Card, Minimum Graphics Resolution 1024 x 768
· Please note this product requires an internet connection for activation. Licensed for 1 computer


Product Code: PAR3200
Media: DVD ROM
No: 1 Discs

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